The art of pottering.

Bravo! You’ve done it! You’ve planned, shopped, choreographed, cooked and executed the festive feasts in fine style. Fun fun fun. But, phew, you can have too much fun, am I right? And let’s be honest with ourselves… it was all a teensy weensy bit stressful. Every year, we say: “Nothing fancy this year, just a braai”. LOL. It’s never just a braai. But it’s all over.


Now what?


Just breathe, for starters.


Because it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. As we count down to 2019, we have the opportunity to really take it easy and kick back. The big ‘knees up’ is over. Now it’s time for feet up. For the cultivation of the quiet arts. Let’s start with the afternoon nap. Ingredients: a beverage, bikkies, a big chair, blankies and a book. Bliss. Of course, you don’t have to read a single page. That’s not the point. The idea is to find a quiet corner so that you can search for the calm in your head. And daydream.


Daydreaming inevitably leads to plans of action, grandiose plots and exciting ideas. Travel. Career. Wardrobe refreshment. Community upliftment. Home improvement. Steady on. Let’s keep the big projects for 2019 - after all, we’re all far too exhausted for that sort of scale - and rather fill our days with the beautiful art of pottering.


How to potter.

Pottering has been described as “the most fun you can have with your slippers on”.

There’s a pottering dress code: the schlumphiest old trakkie pants, slippers, ancient and holey old T-shirts. Rule #1 is to ensure you don’t get disturbed, as you do not want to be caught looking like a bag lady.


You know you’re ready to potter when there’s nothing on TV worth watching, you’ve worked your way through your holiday books, nobody’s expected and nothing needs your immediate attention.


Let’s get started: Pottering 101 begins with that drawer next to the kitchen sink. The one with keys that fit no door in the house, used lightbulbs and instruction manuals for microwaves you’ve already turfed out. But sometimes that drawer reveals hidden gold. Like a half-used tube of adhesive. You start by sticking chipped and broken things together… and from there, it’s a slippery slope to other small, fiddly and totally absorbing projects. Congrats.

You’re pottering. And go.

 Pottering projects.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of doing small stuff slowly, take a slow stroll through the house. Ah. There’s a loose tile in the bathroom. That could do with some good quality tile adhesive. While you’re still in the bathroom, check out the shower. Just as we thought. That shower head is a bit drippy. Time to change it up with a super-duper new low-flow, waterwise shower head. Goodness, the bathroom is a mine of pottering projects. That grouting is looking really tired. Could it do with a powerclean, or does it need fresh new grouting? If so, consider Italtile’s range of grouts (even some metallics!).

 Now let’s slop-slop-slop our way through to the kitchen. Slowly does it. Time for a new tap?  Or a new tall sink mixer? Such a fabulous range at Italtile, and to make the experience even more enjoyable, grab a cup of their signature blend coffee. Italian, naturally.

 Right. Where were we? Oh… kitchen pottering. Which brings us to splashbacks.

And here we have one word. Mosaics. Italtile has literally thousands of them.

Porcelain, glass, metallic, slate, wood, hexagonal, patchwork, you name it. Take some samples home to try before you buy.

 Pot prettification.

Talking of mosaics… here’s the ultimate pottering project. Pot mosaics. How to recycle that stack of ugly old plastic pots in the garage. Get crafty with a sheet or two of Italtile’s mini mosaics and pretty those old pots up. Just start with one. The bug will bite and you’ll be mosaic-ing bigger planters, then bird baths and garden paths. But let’s leave that to 2019, OK?


Your one-stop-year-end-pottering-shop.

Now that we’ve sown the seeds of pottering around gently, remember that Italtile’s open right through this end of year period. Whatever you need for your small quickie project, they’ve got stock. And sample tiles to take home. Take advantage of their holiday opening hours, pick up the bits and pieces you need… and browse and dream up the big projects for 2019.

 Italtile holiday trading hours:

That’s it from us for 2018. Thanks to all our faithful Italtile stylophiles and welcome to our new friends. We wish you peaceful pottering and daydreaming while we all count down to 2019. So much to look forward to. New beginnings. New projects. And a happy new you.


Ciao for now.

Live beautifully!