As market leaders in bathroom ware retail, Italtile constantly scours the global market to bring you the best of what’s on offer. Now from the design capital of the world, Italy, Italtile brings you the new and exclusive range of shower roses. Almar shower roses and hand showers offer our customers a shower experience that is superior in both function and aesthetic appeal.

With an introductory 20 products on offer, the range includes various hand showers and matching overhead shower roses. This manufacturer constantly focusses their research and development of three factors: elegance, functionality, and quality.

Elegance - The range offers various profiles: the more solid, traditional looking, round shower roses; medium sized, contemporary shower roses and hand showers that are guaranteed to complement almost any design; and the slim design range that has modern features including straight lines and ultra-thin profiles.

Whichever style you choose, be guaranteed that the beautiful finish remains as glamorous as the day you first laid eyes on it.

Functionality - Shower roses with various functions allow you to control your desired experience – from regular spray functions, suitable for soft rinsing, to more vigorous sprays that provide a spa-like experience right in your own home.

The shower range is designed with long term performance in mind and therefore Italtile is happy to offer our clients a 10-year warranty on all Almar showers roses.

Quality - With Almar showers roses, you can maintain the quality of your shower experience without compromising the environment. All of the shower roses are manufactured with eco-credentials top of mind.

Flow rates of the showers start from as little as 9 litres per minute. All shower products conform to international ISO 9001: 2008 standards. Rest assured that all polymer plastics are in accordance with strict global regulations and all raw materials used for metal parts are extracted in accordance with environmentally friendly processes.

In accordance with strict European regulations, any water that comes into contact with the product parts will not affect the quality of the water. The bathroom space is one of intimacy and vulnerability and why not make it the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible with Italtile’s new and exclusive offering.

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Other features include:

All featured Almar Shower Heads come standard with transparent nozzles and an anti-limestone, easy-clean system.


• 100% Italian in design, engineering, and production

• Transparent nozzle, anti-limestone, easy-clean system

• Variety of nozzle and water movement options

• Almar respects nature and reduces use of energy

• Better performance at low pressure with reduced water usage

• EcoAir System combines water with air for 50% water saving