How to put the flow on a permanent go slow.

We salute the rain dancers: your hard work may have paid off. The parched dustbowls have become dams again. Rain has fallen. Snow has blanketed the mountains, and that means beautiful, pure meltwater. Even the stately old Table got its fair share of frosting.


It’s too early to get cocky about the possibility of zero Day Zero. In fact, those with water wisdom say this will not be the last drought. It’s all about longterm water-wise behavior change. It’s all about putting the flow on a permanent go-slow. Not just in the Western Cape, but right across SA. We need to reduce our soggy footprint on the planet.

The Cape drought shocked us all to our core. Good thing, too. We all woke up to the fact that water isn’t limitless, and that we have, for decades, been literally throwing it down the drain. But, cropping up all over social media, are feel-good stories of how ordinary citizens have found ingenious ways to save water and treat it with the respect it deserves. We’re beginning to mend our careless, wishy-washy ways.

WTF! (What The Flow)

Did you know that the average shower rose dispenses 20 - 30 litres of water every minute. So a 5-minute shower pumps out a shocking 150 litres. Multiply that by a family of four, and you’re letting around 600 litres of precious water go down the drain. Enough already.

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