Zack | Atore Accessory Range 

With the geometrically reduced forms and clearly drawn authenticity, the articles in the ATORE series have a striking presence in the modern bathroom. Made of high-quality, high-gloss 18/10 stainless steel, all articles in the ATORE series are drawn in the individual, unmistakable design language of the ZACK design label.

Mirror Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel by its very nature will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks or scratches can be polished out.

Secure Mounting System

To ensure that accessories remain tightly locked in place.

Imported from Germany

Products emanating ex Germany are often associated with quality and the Zack range certainly enhances that notion in terms of bathroom accessories. Zack have been around for 35 years and are at the Global forefront of the bathroom accessory industry. The products are supplied with a 5 Year Guarantee.


Zack Mount is extremely well-suited for attaching a wide variety of bathroom accessories to loadbearing, rough and smooth interior and exterior surfaces such as tiles, concrete, glass, etc. and many plastics, without having to drill holes. Its grip is more limited on surfaces less able to take loads such as wallpaper, plaster, paint, etc. Here, the weakest part of the bond is decisive (e.g. wallpaper on wall). ZackMount can be removed without residue from almost all surfaces.


ZackMount Adhesive Option. Whilst the products are supplied with wall plugs and screws for conventional installation (requiring holes to be drilled into the wall), the unique Rackmounts option allows for the products to be glued to tiles or even glass if there is a shortage of wall space (i.e. shower panels).  Additionally, clients are sometimes nervous to drill into walls as they may inadvertently drill into water pipes or electric cables.


Range: Atore Accessories

Finish:     Polished
Look:      Modern

Colours: Chrome

Material: Mirror Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel

Application: Bathroom

Origin: Germany

Supplier: Zack