Italtile is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the University of Pretoria. We are currently managing two programs with two groups of students to bring them as close as possible to the world of work, exposing them to a real-life marketing and sales situations and challenges. We are also looking forward to receiving fresh, creative ideas and solutions from the bright minded university students!

The two courses we are involved in are the BCom Marketing Management degree and the BCom Honours Marketing Management degree.

In terms of graduate level development, we are managing the Personal Selling and Account Management module, offered in the final year of the BCom Marketing Management degree. The module teaches students all about the dynamic world of personal selling and account management and exposes students to sales processes. Italtile will be giving students the opportunity to visit our factory and showrooms, enabling them to experience real sales situations while getting an understanding of company dynamics, customers and products. Tops students will even be given the opportunity to intern at Italtile and the and the overall top sales student will attend the Cersaie Expo in Bologna, Italy in the latter part of the year.

For the postgraduate programme, we will be giving BCom Honours Marketing Management students the opportunity to apply their learned knowledge to real life marketing challenges. Students will be encouraged to refine their marketing skills while developing teamwork, managerial decision making, time management, reporting, leadership and many more skills to prepare them for life beyond university. We are excited to present guest speakers, discussions, research, presentations and practical exercises to postgraduate marketing students. Winners of the marketing program will receive monetary prizes.

We cannot wait to work with the sales and marketing students from the University of Pretoria in 2018. Stay tuned!