Italtile has been involved in designing some of the most beautiful residential and commercial buildings in South Africa. For years, we’ve been collaborating with amazing, talented architects and designers, and - together - we’ve seen breathtaking visions become realities!

We pride ourselves in bringing the latest, most magnificent European products to South Africa. We cannot wait to see all the beautiful trends and designs come into play this year.

More and more, we’re seeing the influence millennials are having on our home architecture and interior design in the country. And, of course, what we love about millennials is that many of them are doing away with run-of-the-mill homes and rather seeking contemporary, unique and inspiring styles - this is exciting for architects, designers and, of course, Italtile!

Here are the top trends that all architects and designers need to stay abreast of:


Construction and ongoing operation of buildings consume 40% of global energy usage and contributes to ⅓ of all carbon emissions. Proudly, South Africa is one of the world leaders in green buildings.

Sustainability has been an important aspect of modern homes in the country for quite some time now; however, due to the drought in the Western Cape, people have become even more conscious about being kind to the environment. Another reason for our sustainability efforts is electricity shortages, especially over the past two to three years.

With more South African consumers reducing their carbon footprints, we will see a continuous increase in insulated buildings, solar panels, water-saving kitchen and bathroom faucets and other sustainable methods.

Amazing technology

With the astounding technology changes happening year-on-year, we’re bound to see smart technology integrated into our everyday lives. Very modern home systems and appliances have been installed in homes, making everyday life so much easier. You can even sync your appliances with specific mobile apps!

Architects should focus on building homes that can be integrated with technology - and, excellent WiFi connectivity in homes is a must!

Multipurpose spaces

Functional spaces are increasing in importance in South African homes. Smaller spaces in homes as well as changing lifestyles need multipurpose living spaces. This means that all living areas should be customisable and cabinets, countertops and appliances should not just be extremely functional but also harmonious with the rest of the house.

This is posing a huge challenge for architects, who now need to ensure all designs offer flexibility and absolute convenience. Movable room dividers, sliding doors and interchangeable furniture (such as sleeper couches, multipurpose kitchen islands, sinks with fitted cover plates and fold up furniture) can add functionality, easy flow throughout living areas and more space in modern homes.

Italtile is super excited to bring beauty into homes all over South Africa.

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