The aesthetic recovery - visual and tactile - of the purity of a primordial material such as clay in RITUAL is rendered through the amorphous yet soft surface and the dusty colours of this raw earth effect in porcelain, rediscovering the essence itself of wall and floor ceramic tiles.


RITUAL wants to be a tribute to Nature as the origin and quintessence of ceramics, but, thanks to the technological evolution adopted in the new production plants, it also wants to represent a product model signed by Ceramica Sant'Agostino for the contribution to the conservation of Nature itself, of the environment, of ourselves: respecting our ancestral nature.


Technical complexity, stylistic creativity and design richness are synthesized in the perfect balance between material depth and graphic harmony obtained thanks to the latest production technologies.


Chromatic warmth and surface softness dedicated to the sophisticated aesthetics of simplicity and to functionality in every use destination

The welcoming and reassuring naturalness, the seemingly simple beauty and the ease of cleaning and maintenance make RITUAL ideal for any interior project, commercial or residential - from the hotel to the restaurant to the store, from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the sleeping area.


Plain 900x900 Tile:

Size: 900x900

Colours: Light, Sand, greige, Brown

Variations / Faces: 40
Look: Screed

Material: Porcelain

Application: Wall and Floor

Origin: Italy

Decor 200x200 Tile:

Size: 200x200 Decor

Colours: Light, Brown

Variations / faces: 20, randomly mixed

17 pieces per box
Look: Patterned

Material: Porcelain

Application: Wall and Floor

Origin: Italy