The decorative arts get an artful update.

Italtile is the proud stockist of Patchwork: an exciting new decorative black and white porcelain interpretation of the vintage patchwork trend from world-renowned Italian tile manufacturers Sant’Agostino.

Patchwork is a small size tile collection – 200 x 200 – created to enhance residential and work spaces with the sophisticated charm of graphic florals and geometric cues that pay homage to the grand European tradition of ‘Cementine’.

‘Cementine’ is the name given to the traditional decorative handmade concrete tiles that first appeared in Catalonia in 1850 and were then adopted and adapted by many European design centres in the early 20th century.

The Black and White Patchwork collection redefines the design styles of the two art movements prominent at the time: the floral Art Nouveau ‘Liberty’ design style and the more geometric, futuristic Art Deco movement. When reinterpreted together, the two styles marry to make an incredible bold and eye-catching statement, whether used to entirely cover a space, or create the sense of a patterned rug in a small area of the space.

The complete Patchwork collection is divided into five offerings: Patchwork Black and White, Patchwork Classic, Patchwork Colours Patchwork Metrosigns and Patchwork Pictart Graphic. Italtile is proud to represent the range in South Africa with the Black and White design and colourway.

Customers looking for quirk and charm in a high end imported range will live beautifully with Patchwork’s brilliant juxtapositions and visual balances: florals with geometrics, full and empty graphics, complex with simple shapes, and single and multiple compositions.

Patchwork will add individuality and personality to both public spaces (cafés, restaurants, shops, design studios) and private homes (bathroom, kitchen, living areas).

The Black and White Patchwork 200 x 200 collection consists of nine graphic variations and is supplied in boxes of 17 pieces. Each box offers a random selection of variations.

Italtile is proud to bring Ceramica Sant ‘Agostino products to the Southern African market. Ceramica Sant’Agostino is a world-renowned brand with impeccable credentials. It has been family owned and run since the company opened its doors in 1964 near Ferrara, Italy.

The work of Sant’Agostino represents the very peak of the tile craftsman’s art. Innovative processes, unusual and imaginative high end products and the relentless research and development of exciting trends are the cornerstones of the Ceramica Sant’Agostino business model.

 View the range:

Sizes: 200 x 200 mm

Finish: Matt

Look: Patchwork

Colours: Black, White and grey mix

Material: Glazed Porcelain

PEI: 4

Thickness: 10mm

Variations: Consists of 9 graphic variations

Tiles per box: 17

Application: Wall and Floor

Origin: Italy

Rectified: Yes, suitable for no joiont laying