Learning what it means to truly “live beautifully”.


Nelson Mandela’s legacy came alive on 18 July, as stories celebrating service above self came pouring in from every corner of South Africa. One that warmed the hearts of the Italtile family was very close to home; from the team at the Somerset West Showroom.


The special lady who brings hope to the Sir Lowry’s Pass children.

 The SWS team chose to spend Nelson Mandela Day with an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to sustaining and nurturing the underprivileged children of the Sir Lowry’s Pass community.


Pearl runs a Soup Kitchen from her home and performs miracles with very little, feeding up to 250 children every day. (They get through about 20 litres of milk a day!) Her day starts at 04h00, up before dawn to serve cereal to hundreds of hungry littlies. After she sees them onto the buses for school, her day is spent preparing lunch for the same children when they return from school around 15h00.


Her lounge becomes an aftercare facility and library too, every afternoon, so that her kids can have a safe, warm place to finish their homework and attend extra classes. We don’t know how she manages to overcome her own struggles to achieve so much and find the energy for the contagious enthusiasm and positive vibes she exudes on a daily basis. Pearl puts it down to her deep and abiding faith.


The Italtile Somerset team brought with them a small contribution - milk, sugar, mieliepap, tea, a few toiletries for the older teenagers - and left with a great deal more: a humbling insight into what it really means to ‘live beautifully’. “Often we complain and think our lives are tough.


This was really a humbling experience and made us all grateful for what we have”.