Thinking OUTSIDE the box.

Italtile goes all outdoorsy!


Good news for outsidey people.  Italtile has partnered with The Guild of Landscape Designers, to bring their offering of absolutely stunning products and services in line with consumers who make it their goal in life to live beautifully… inside and outside.

 Blessed with incredible year-round sunshine and balmy days, we Saffers include ‘outside’ in our concept of living space. For decades, though, that’s really meant the area called ‘the stoep’, or ‘the patio’ or the ‘verandah’ - home of the braai -  and the pool area. But the times, as Bob Dylan sang, are ‘a-changing.


Reimagining the garden space.

In the search for privacy, meaning and sanity in an increasingly stressed life, more and more people are looking to turn garden spaces into inspiring little sanctuaries.

Karl Sutcliffe, chairman of The Guild, confirms that consumers are creating ‘room in room areas’ in outdoor garden areas.

Sutcliffe says: “one section will be focused on a private conversation area, another will be an entertainment area, another will be a braai area or pit separate from the house, then a meditation or yoga space, even a quiet walking and contemplation space. This allows for a lot of creativity and personal taste to come into play”.


Referral service.

So what does this mean for you, dear reader? It means that when you visit your nearest Italtile, you can take your outside landscaping and décor ideas to the next level by asking us to put you in touch with a professional landscaper in your area who is recommended by The Guild. You can also check them out here:


Ask us how to go about getting a referral <<here>>


The Guild also lists Italtile as one of their preferred suppliers because of the exceptional quality and diversity of outdoor products. Don’t wait to come in store… check ‘em out here

Why a Landscaping Guild?

Landscaping isn’t just about laying grass and paving stones and doing the odd border with a few flowers here and there. And maybe a big tree. Just because you enjoy gardening and like being outdoors doesn’t mean you are a landscape designer! It’s both an art and a science and requires a good few years of study and due diligence.

The Guild formed to raise the standard of landscaping in the industry and to provide a standard of excellent service to clients and referrals. They are there to ensure that member landscapers and designers adhere to standard practices and the code of conduct and ethics. 

So when you get a referral from Italtile to a landscaper in your area, you know you will be dealing with a landscaper with a recognised qualification, and you can expect a very high standard of work and quality service. To become a member, your qualification alone isn’t good enough for The Guild… you also have to submit a recent garden plan and completed gardenscape to a panel of your peers to be assessed. Yep. These guys are hardcore about quality and standards.

Reimagine your outdoor spaces in time for summer.

With vision, imagination, a sense of adventure, Italtile’s knockout outdoor products… and a Guild-approved landscaper at your side, summer’s going to be spectacular in your garden.

We’re coming over!

Put out an extra chair or two. We’re coming over! Seriously, we will. If you want your stunning new landscaped garden area to feature on our social media sites, here’s the drill. Speak to us to get a referral to a member of the Guild of Landscape Designers in your area, drop us a line online at [email protected] and our PR crew could choose to feature your before and after garden/revamp.

Keen? Then get your garden reimagining going.

And live beautifully.