A kitchen is not only the room in the house that generates the most traffic, it is also a space where family members tend to linger slightly longer. When planning the layout of a new kitchen or kitchen revamp, it is therefore necessary to research your options thoroughly.
Although there are many more modern layouts like the Peninsula, Galley and Island, the classic layouts, the L- and U-shaped, are a good place to start. These layouts offer diverse benefits but share one trait that has contributed to their timeless success: the working triangle. In order to get the most from your kitchen, you have to be able to move seamlessly between the sink, oven and fridge. Something both of these layouts offer.


What is an L-shaped kitchen and why should you choose it?

An L-shaped kitchen is a kitchen in an “L”. It is usually situated at a corner where two walls join, one of which is nearly twice the length of the other.

The benefits:

  • It is a fantastic space safer in smaller kitchens.
  • A breakfast nook works well within this layout.
  • It usually offers two entrances/exits, making it easily accessible from inside and outside.
  • It is an ideal solution for an open-plan design.



L-shaped kitchen décor tip: Contrary to popular belief, dark colours aren’t a taboo in smaller kitchens. You can use darker floor tiles and cabinets, provided that you brighten up the space with a lighter choice for cabinet tops and walls. Our Pavimento Antiqua Glazed Ceramic Decor Tile is a great choice for this.


What is a U-shaped kitchen, and what does it offer?

A U-shaped kitchen refers to a kitchen where three walls come together in a “U”.

The benefits:

  • This is an ideal layout for larger kitchens.
  • The working triangle is brought closer together in this layout, making it ideal for those who love to cook.
  • It is versatile. An island could easily replace the third wall.



Décor tip for a U-shaped kitchen: Dare to be different. If space isn’t an issue don’t settle for just any sink when you could include the Smeg Mira Double Bowl Sink.