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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we may expect a physical challenge. It may not be you at this current moment, but perhaps you are needing to think for another who is experiencing this challenge. When faced with the choice, be sure to choose a range where the best quality is guaranteed and the brand is trusted.

It requires some understanding of these unique and challenging situations in order to provide for these special needs. This is why Italtile have researched, sourced and developed a range of accessories specifically to support the needs of the disabled, frail, elderly and physically challenged.
We have developed ItalCare, because we care.

The range includes various grab rails, angle bars and an acrylic shower seat. All accessories are made to comply with local testing regulations are accredited with Medikredit.

The Fixations of all accessories are included in the package and are designed to carry the appropriate amount of stress.

Not only is the product durable and trustworthy but has been made with seamless aesthetics in mind. The range has cover plates to conceal fixations. The range is made from 304 stainless steel, which means a lasting product that is stylish, secure and stable. The product will also come complete with installation guide in order to ensure proper installation.

All of these qualities make ItalCare the fitting response to frail care requirements in commercial projects such as hotels, public and shopping centre bathrooms as well as restrooms in office blocks.

To ensure total peace of mind, Italtile offers 5-year warranty on the ItalCare range.

The ItalCare frail care accessories can be claimed through medical aid plans that cater for this – this concerns personal use only.

Italtile has long been catering for those with special needs and we also offer a range of sanitaryware to compliment and comply with the needs of the physically challenged.


304 BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL, every product in our Frail Care Collection is made from the highest quality materials and is legislation compliant. Precision manufacturing and expert design ensure maximum stability and endurance, giving complete peace of mind | Supplier: Stunning Bathrooms

For further details on the ItalCare Medical Asssit Range, please contact our commerical team in your area:

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