Over the years, nature has been the inspiration behind many interior and exterior masterpieces. We regularly invite plants, wood, clay, grass, water and sunlight indoors through large windows and in the form of furniture and décor. It was therefore only a matter of time before this trend spilled onto floors and walls too. At the moment, tiles that bring the outdoors in are featured in showrooms all over the globe.


Here are our 3 favourites of this trend:


1. Tiles mimicking wood

Traditional timber floors instil instant tranquility and warmth into any space. Due to the high level of maintenance required, these types of floors aren’t always a favourite choice for homemakers. Its porcelain twin, on the other hand, is! Wood-look tiles have become extremely authentic and durable, plus they deliver on price with none of the maintenance. Our 300 x 1800mm Barkwood Burnt Matt Glaze Porcelain Tile in rich chocolate brown, is a perfect example of this.



2. Tiles mimicking stone/rocks

Mother nature has worked hard at shaping and sculpting the unique rocks and stones we find in the great outdoors. Tiles that are able to mimic natural stone not only allow us to bring their weathered appearance indoors but also the memories they unlock; a walk along the beach; a mountain hike; standing at the edge of a cliff. Your city dwelling can be reminiscent of all of these things through our Slate Black Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles.



3. Tiles mimicking clay

Clay is the essence of earthiness. In nature, it forms after years (and years) of gradual organic weathering of rocks. Realistically simulating clay on tiles is therefore a feat in its own right. Our 900 x900mm large Ritual Brown Matt Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles boast 80 different faces to contribute towards the unique characteristics of clay.



While most trends are relatively short-lived, we believe that due to the authentic beauty and practicality of nature-inspired porcelain tiles, this is a tile trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.