Tips for a beautiful & family-friendly living room

Once you start a family, your home will have to undergo a few changes. One of the areas in your home you will have to change is your living room. The living room is where the most socialising and relaxing happens. If you have kids, you dont want to have to worry about any furniture getting ruined, accidents happening or toys lying all over the place. A family-friendly living room can be both beautiful and magazine-worthy. We have a few ideas to help you create a stylish but friendly family living room.

Easy to clean walls

While walls may not be the first thing you think about when making your living room family-friendly, just remember, kids often leave foot and hand marks on walls, draw on walls and, you know, do the usual messy things young kids do. Having walls that are easy to wipe down will save you a lot of time and effort. Beautiful wall tiles can provide an, easy- to-clean covering for your living room walls. See our elegant Lago Ivory matt glazed ceramic wall tile below. 

Storange Solutions

Install storage solutions, such as cabinets and shelving, in your living room. You can create storage compartments especially for kids

toys and then higher, out-of-reach for children compartments for adults only. This will prevent clutter in your living room.

You can also buy nice-looking storage holders, such as storage baskets, that you can hide underneath your couch or coffee table. This is very convenient for putting away any book, toys and other clutter before guests come over.

Big, comfy kid-friendly couches

Couches can make a huge difference in your living room. Big, comfy and cosy couches are best for family friendly living rooms. Opt for slip-covered or leather couches that are easy to clean. Material couches that do not have removable covers are difficult to clean and will get stained and old quickly. Darker couches will also hide stains better than lighter couches so opting for a darker colour will ensure your couches look better for longer.

Soft and cosy couches are the best for your living room. If you alreadyhave decent couches, add some covers, such as blankets, throws and cushions to protect them, while adding warmth and comfort to your living room.

Opt for a round coffee table

Coffee table corners have been responsible for multiple kids, injuries. A round table will prevent any sharp corners from splitting chins and eyelids.


Install non-slip, easy-to-clean flooring

No matter how hard you try, when you have kids around, your living roomfloor gets covered with crumbs, spills and dirt. Install a flooring solution that is easy to clean, such as Maryland Natural matt glazed porcelain floor tiles. The wood-look, warm oak finish will ensure a warm atmosphere in your living room - the perfect maintenance alternative to timber flooring.

Feature your kids art and photos

Personalise your home by allocating space for your kids, art and family photos. You can display it in such a way that it looks neat and tidy.