Less is more!

As South Africans are becoming more and more frugal due to times of economic crisis, we need to step up and become more creative in the way we design and renovate homes to save time and money. It’s not about settling for less but, rather, learning to work wisely with resources.

Many consumers are on the fence when it comes to hiring an interior designer or often choose not to due to the fact that it costs so much. However, it’s possible to find cheap, effective solutions that will benefit both the interior designer and consumer. Interior designers can give consumers what they really want: a jaw-droppingly gorgeous home that they can afford. Italtile provides elegant tiling and plumbing solutions for modern homes. Here’s how you can save time and money with Italtile:


Choose large format tiles


While smaller tiles have been popular for many years, large format tiles are stealing the limelight in modern homes. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, cutting-edge production techniques have brought about ultra-thin porcelain tiles mimicking various traditional materials, such as marble, granite, sandstone and wood. Now you can install beautiful and luxurious flooring that isn’t too expensive.

Italtile supplies large porcelain tiles that are stronger, thinner and lighter than conventional porcelain tiles, suitable for floor and wall applications.

View the beautiful Downtown Dark Grey Lappato Glazed Porcelain Tile



Choose fewer flooring options


With so many different types of flooring options available, it may be difficult to keep interior flooring all the same. However, you should do your best to stick to fewer flooring options. Baltimore tiles, for example, are stylish and modern, and can be installed in various parts of your home. Choosing fewer flooring options will ensure that the tiling process is streamlined and fewer tiles are wasted during installation.



Choose timeless finishes


Although you may want to follow the latest interior design styles, it’s no use spending a lot of money on seasonal trends. Instead, choose beautiful interior finishes that will stand the test of time. When it comes to flooring, kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, etc., make sure you install quality materials that don’t have to be replaced every couple of years.

Opt for neutral colours that will always compliment the interior style of the home, no matter what the latest trend is. Greys, off-whites and other light colours will make your home look bright and spacious while matching other design features. Natural materials are also ideal for all homes as they never go out of fashion and bring a timeless, natural balance to interiors.

View Moso Solida Quartz Bamboo Flooring



Choose sophisticated, easy-to-install bathroom and kitchen products


The bathroom and kitchen have an impact on both the comfort and resale value of a home. Installing quality basins, baths, showers, sinks, etc. will make a huge improvement to any home. By using easy-to-install, luxury bathroom and kitchen products supplied by Italtile, you will save both time and money while creating beautiful, elegant interior spaces.