In a perfect world, the bathroom should be the place you can unwind and relax in. More often than not, however, it is the room in the house that triggers bouts of triple As: Anxiety, Anger and Affliction.

Rows of bottles and containers spread next to the basin and bath… Wet towels everywhere… And a shower floor piled with half-empty shampoo bottles, moist and mouldy loofas and the like. Yes, these are the types of things nightmares are made of.

Declutter your bathroom with these 5 steps.


Step 1: Install a vanity with multiple drawers

A vanity with multiple drawers like our Terra Cambrian Wall Hung Vanity, makes it easier to organise your family’s bathroom essentials into various compartments.



Tip: Allocate each member of your family with their own individual basket to store inside the vanity.


Step 2: Mount a floating shelf (or two)

Even with an extremely organised vanity in place, there will always be a few daily go-to items that never seem to stay put. Mount a few floating shelves in strategic places for things like facial creams, tooth brushes etc. If you can’t beat them, join them, but on your terms through an elegant Castellon Cambrian Light Wood Floating Cube, or two.



Tip: Floating shelves are not only stylish space savers but can also be used to contribute to the aesthetic feel of your bathroom. Showcase beautiful things like candles, perfume, plants etc.


Step 3: Create enough neat shower storage

There never seems to be enough space in the shower for the whole family’s shower essentials. Who ever placed a limit on the number of shower baskets one should have? Cleverly placed shower baskets and shelves, like this Zack Scala Polished Stainless Steel Shower Basket, can address this problem head on.



Tip: Allocate a basket/shelf for each of your family members to make it easier to manage and maintain.


Step 4: Install heated towel rails

Multiple towels hanging here and there can easily make a bathroom appear cluttered. Not even to mention the time they take to dry properly. With our Jeeves Classic D Polished Stainless Steel Heated Rail, you can say goodbye to both problems in one go.



Tip: Still not enough space for all your towels? Don’t forget to utilise the space behind the door. Here, a towel rail or hook can work well.


Step 5: Add additional storage

The reason why the bathroom becomes cluttered so quickly is because there are just so many things that belong there. Where else should you store the new bottles of mouthwash and shampoo, tubes of toothpaste, vitamin containers etc., if the current ones are still in use? Our Soria Britannia Bench Floor Cabinet to solve this issue in larger bathrooms.



Tip: Is your bathroom just too small? This cabinet is so beautiful; it will work great in the hallway or any other spot adjacent to the bathroom.