Property is the most expensive purchase anyone will ever make. As a result most potential home buyers will investigate the property market extensively before making a choice. Smart interiors can not only make your home more inviting for buyers but also better its resale price. Here are four tips to getting this right.


#Tip1: Modernise the kitchen walls

It all happens in the kitchen. It is the place families start and end their days. Stained, outdated or unflattering tiles are an eyesore in any room of the house, but even more so in the kitchen where meals are prepared. Modern tiles can make this space everyone's happy place. Subway tiles, like our gorgeous, clean and crisp Blanco Biselado Gloss Glazed Ceramic is a great choice.



#Tip2 New flooring

New flooring has the power to dramatically transform any space, and our Cortex Grey Matt Glazed Porcelain Floor will do just that and more. A Bringing the outside is a massive trend internationally at the moment. Experience Mother Nature without leaving the house.



#Tip3 Replace bathroom essentials

Most potential buyers will focus a substantial amount of their attention on the standard of the bathrooms. Bathroom essentials like taps, basins, tiles etc. can make on break the appearance of the entire house. Make a tremendous difference by the most outdated or damaged items with a beautiful, modern option. Taps, like our Tivoli Armeno or Acquerelli ranges can bring any bathroom into the new age.



#Tip 4: Add green features

Each and every industry is aligning itself towards being more eco-friendly by implementing a more sustainable, greener way of doing things. Green features are therefore an incredible value-add to any home. Our Bamboo edging and skirting is an excellent choice for your home. 100% green. 100% Bambootiful.