“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements. Understated theatricality - that is what my luxury is all about.”

Jean- Louis Deniot, Interior Designer based in Paris, France

Looking for an interior style that is extremely sexy, warm and masculine? Well, industrial chic is definitely a style worth taking a look at. The edgy style combines functional design elements with worn textures, raw, aged woods and other raw materials, such as glass, reclaimed woods and galvanized metals, while keeping the silhouettes and shapes clean and simple - no frills and spills.

Here’s how to get the look:

Tip #1: Keep infrastructure exposed

You no longer have to hide every industrial element of a building. Don’t be scared to reveal original brick walls, cement floors, unfinished materials, exposed beams, stainless steel accents and exposed pipes - for added character. Industrial chic definitely promotes the raw beauty of buildings.


Tip #2: Use a neutral colour palette

Use neutral base colours, like grey, black, white and beige, and then add a few warm tones to living up the space. Opt for neutral coloured building materials and furniture that appears to have some wear and tear for an authentic look. Check out the weathered and resilient Blend Art tiles below.

Rustic colour schemes, which often feature a lot of beige and brown, will add an edge to your industrial chic space. As your furniture will probably feature raw, aged woods and leather, you will naturally have enough rustic tones so, you can use decor, such as rugs and cushions to bring across stronger accent colours into the room.

Tip #3: Opt for minimal decor

Industrial chic is ideal and most often used in small spaces so, typically, not a lot of accessories are needed. Clean surfaces add to the industrial, simple and clean look. Usually light fixtures and hardware are used to “dress up” an industrial chic inspired area. Use vintage hangings and floor lamps - yellow-tone lights work best -  to add a bit of charm to your industrial chic space. These days, ceiling lamps aren’t typically installed in modern homes, however, they work really well when it comes to vintage interior styles. You can choose a stand out ceiling lamp or a series of dimmer Edison bulbs to lighten up the space.


Torre Stone Matt Glazed Porcelain Floor

The accessories your do choose should be very textured and “natural”, throws, poufs and pillows that is leather or has a woven texture. Avoid any rugs that are overly vibrant or have distinct geometric patterns as this may clash with the ristic setting. Rather opt for darker, textured or woven rugs.

Tip #4: Use bold, raw furniture pieces

Make sure your space comes together with the help of raw, unfinished wooden furniture. Your furniture can even feature exposed steel legs. Another great trend is reinforced concrete tables or other surfaces - these offer a very industrial feel to a space.


A leather finish for industrial chairs and sofas works best, but linen upholstered chairs and sofas, like the one below, also look great it you pick the right style.