In which we reveal the kitchen trends that are wowing the world right now, we suggest what you should be ‘sinking’ about, and how you can begin your own kitchen evolution in a budget-friendly way by shopping the looks - everything including the kitchen sink - between now and the end of September* to get more luxe for your bucks.


The kitchen has evolved to form a focal part of the living space of the modern home: in fact, we’d argue that you won’t just find us in the kitchen at parties! It’s where we gather to work, play, eat and cook. It’s where we gravitate to on sleepless nights to find comfort in a cuppa or a spoonful of last night’s mac ’n cheese. More and more, the lines are blurring between living room and kitchen. We have populated the traditional food prep areas with non-traditional kitchen things, the stuff we love to surround ourselves with: books, plants, wall art, music.


The kitchen design mecca.

To match the almost spiritual migration from kitchen to living space, designers arecontinually raising the bar with ever-pushed standards in kitchen finishes, hardware, tech and the marriage of aesthetics and ergonomics (what we like to call ‘beauty with a purpose’). And the annual go-to mecca for the most exciting innovations in kitchen design and tech is Eurocucina in Milan.

Forget what you think of your average interiors expo: Eurocucina is next level. It’s basically where the future kitchen is reborn every year. Read on for some of the tastiest titbits from Eurocucina, April 2018. Buon appetito!


Stop playing it safe

The anthem of 2018 when it comes to kitchens. Say bye-bye to bland and buongiorno to bold.

Think eye-catching contrasts, two-tone cabinets, open shelves to display your eclectic curation of gorgeous things. Dive in to mesmerizing colour: midnight blue, emerald, plum, orange. Go for glorious clays for days: the gingers, hennas, desert dusts and copper tones. Patterned flooring and statement splash backs. The pairing of surfaces and textures, lighting and cabinetry, finishes and other fabulosity. The glimmer of golds in all their glory, from yellows to rose golds. And smart, intuitive appliances and finishes.


That island life.

Q: If the kitchen is the heart of the home, what is the heart of the kitchen?

A: The kitchen island.

Island Schmisland, you say. Not so, we say. One of the most exciting 2019 trend forecasts á la Eurocucina is the smart kitchen island. An island that offers extra space, extra seating, extra storage, extra tech. Just imagine. Detachable islands that roll out to reveal storage spaces and then roll back again neatly against the wall. Foldaway islands. Mobile islands. And… wait for it… the tech-equipped island: an actual factual work station with custom-built tech storage facilities. Think laptops, tablets, music and a charging station. Oh, and how about a chilling station for your vino (we’ll drink to that).


The island also offers a great spot for a smashing feature sink


Our go-to kitchen sink guys

Franke speaking.

Our go-to kitchen sink guys. What Franke says, goes! So, while Eurocucina 2018 confirms our suspicions: rethink the sinks, and the sink mixers, and where you put your sinks; Franke Kitchen Systems (our partners for years) allow you to do all that. With an absolutely extraordinarily diverse range of beautifully functional sinks and sink mixers. (Little known fact: Franke Kitchen Solutions can be found in over 100 millions households around the world.)

Franke believes, as we do, that kitchens are meant for more than cooking - they’re meant for living. So, for over a hundred years, as the world’s largest manufacturers of kitchen sinks, they have been meeting the changing needs and lifestyles of homemakers; constantly reimagining the kitchen with solutions that are as innovative and ingenious as they are delightful to look at.

The range supplied to Italtile is vast, with certain products being exclusively available from Italtile. The range caters for almost all levels of the market, from economical entry level options to marvelously smart middle-of-the-road solutions and luxuriously sleek and desirable top end models. It goes without saying that Franke products are green, mindfully designed and built for years of pleasurable use (with a 25 year guarantee).

Fabulous, future-forward Fragranite. Fragra-whaaat? Whether it’s washing up, rinsing veggies, soaking stubborn stains or simply washing your hands, there’s no other area in the kitchen that does so much hard labour. After years of research and testing, Franke has created the incredible marriage between two real toughies - granite and resin - to create a material called Fragranite. This extraordinary substance is germproof (reduces bacteria by up to 99%; scratchproof (even against the sharpest knife in the draw); impact-proof; stain-proof and easy to clean, thanks to the silky smooth SilkSheen finish; and finally, colour-proof for life. Available in a fab range of shades.

The little black number.

We’re currently crushing on the Franke matte black sink. But let’s not make your mind up for you. Whether you're attracted to black or white, stainless steel or fFagranite, there are so many Franke options to help you maximize your space and complement your style. Whether you choose classic shapes or future-forward fittings, Franke always deliver elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Franke sinkspiration.

Details, details, details. That’s the Franke focus. You can look forward to advanced waste systems: for example, stainless steel basket strainers; low profile waste kits that free up extra space; deeper bowls; heat and sound insulation (a) to reduce the sound of running water (yup, seriously) and (b) keep water warmer for longer; push button pop-up waste (empty the bowl without putting your hands in dirty water).

*Bet you haven’t been able to stop thinking about the promo we promised right back in the first para. Here it is!

Dream Kitchen. Dream Prices.

Franke products - from economical entry level options to marvelously smart middle-of-the-road solutions and luxuriously sleek and desirable top end models - are on promo from 1 July to 30 September, with some very attractive price drops. So now’s the time to rethink your sinks (and sink mixers) and get your Dream Kitchen on.

Just a heads up… Franke promo items are available both online and instore… but you’ll get even further discounts on Franke promo sink mixers when you shop instore. #justsaying

Live beautifully.

Someone famous once said: “A courageously-lived life is all about using the whole box of crayons.” Colour has inherent energy; the power to influence our moods, our headspace and our thoughts. May we leave you with this final thought: now’s the time to create the greatest amount of colourful character and charm in your kitchen and allow your personality to come out and play… that’s how you’ll live beautifully and give your kitchen story a happy ending.

(P.S. While you’re reimagining your kitchen and rethinking your sinks, if you need a bit of help and encouragement along the way, speak to our Italtile sales advisors in store. They’re all certified in interior design.)

Ciao for now!