Every business needs to start somewhere. While your architecture firm might start out small, it does not need to stay that way forever. By implementing a few low-cost marketing tactics on an on-going basis, your small firm can over time make a big name for itself.


1. Take beautiful, story-telling photographs

Every architecture firm needs a great website, but are you using this platform effectively enough? People love to see what they can expect before, during and after working with you, and the best way to do this is through a photo-rich, story-telling “Our projects” section. Although it would be advantageous to use a professional photographer every time, it isn’t necessary. Simply by taking the time to snap a few good quality (high resolution, in-focus etc.) pictures during every phase of a project, is a good enough place to start.


2. Use social media for more than just awareness

It is not enough to get your firm noticed, you have to become memorable. Social media can help you do this, provided that you use it effectively. Social media can help you engage with customers and build trust. How? By asking inviting questions, sharing insightful information and by being as transparent as possible. Make your fans and followers a part of your progress every step of the way.


3. Adopt green building where possible

If there is an opportunity for you to implement an eco-friendly element in a modern, highly functional design, don’t hesitate. More and more people are realising the importance of sustainable building, and if this is something your firm can adopt effectively, it could help you standout from your competitors.


4. Adopt the right technological advances at the right time.

Technology is changing architecture almost every day. Although all new advancements aren’t essential, falling behind isn’t an option either. The key is to adopt the right technology at the right time. Ask yourself whether it will improve communication and client engagement. If it will, it is a sure win. Virtual reality tools for e.g. can help invite your client into the design process and streamline communication substantially.


5. Empower your firm by embracing architectural trends and making them your own

Traditional, classic designs are timeless for a reason. However, to show that your firm has its finger on the pulse, you need to make use of new architectural trends, develop them and make them your own.
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