Design for Healthcare – A specialised practice

The winning recipe for designing successfully when it comes to healthcare facilities is 10 parts knowledgeable experience, to 5 parts of the correct product choice and a dash of creativity. Italtile is proud to have specified various healthcare facilities that include Nelson Mandela Hospital, Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, Arwyp Hospital, as well as to the Dr Pixley Hospital to name a few.

Having the Commercial agents that have years of experience in this specification contributes to what makes Italtile’s clients both satisfied and comfortable in their abilities.

Having the correct products available is just as important - and they certainly do. With international brands that cater specifically for the healthcare network, Italtile can recommend products that are both practical and beautiful in design.

Laufen ceramics manufactures several sanitary ware products specifically designed for the healthcare industry; Idral supply ergonomic push button and medical taps; Liktokol offers hygienic grouting options that dispel bacterial worries; and finally, various stylish tiling options are available that are non-porous and easily cleaned. Italtile takes all these carefully thought of components and then puts them together with a dash of creativity that caters for the vision that any nurturing healthcare facility signifies.