Art defined: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form. “


Many may argue around the definition of art, and what it is, and which forms may be considered art and which not. People would argue that a good artist would often be someone who has practiced for many years in this profession and has a unique and creative style.


We at Italtile hope that you agree with us when we talk about new ColorArt - that you would also consider the range of wood-look tiles Art, as we do. In consideration of the qualifying factors, the manufacturers, Sant’Agostino, have been producing unique and creative pieces for over 50 years now. Each tile is a revolution on it’s predecessor and this is no exception.


The Italian artists have incorporated the most basic elements of earth in their design: Carbon, Light, Desert and Bone. These elements have then been digitally transferred from their imagination to the wood-look porcelain surface along with a burnt and painted expression.


More technically speaking, the rectified tile makes for an authentic wood-look that is suitable for both household and commercial use. The long and slender plank type tiles of 150 x 1200 mm further add to the true timber flooring look that will still retain its mastery for years and years to come

Size: 150 x 1200 mm

Finish: Matt Wood Look, rectified

Colours: Light, Bone, Desert, Carbon

Material: Glazed Porcelain, Colour body tile

PEI: 5

Application: Wall and Floor

Origin: Italy – Sant’Agostino

View Range: The ColorArt Collection