Pastel Power.

Italtile Chalk Range.

A cool new wave hit European fashionistas right in the chops this sticky, airless summer, leaving them open-mouthed and drooling. It was a sweet storm of powdery, chalky, subtly sugary prettiness: the return of pastel to centre court. Literally.


It was game, set and match as Emma Watson entered the centre court stands and aced Wimbledon Fashion  2018 in her Ralph Lauren pastel power suit. Impossible to believe, but European summer saw pastels overtake the traditional power suit colours… and then conquer every other conceivable kind of clothing.


Dressing for a heatwave naturally meant finding ways to keep cool thoughts.  White and cream are obvious directions. But pastel? How utterly brilliant. The colour of sorbets and ice creams and delicate little bite-sized macarons to nibble with icy bubbles. The pastel solution was perfect. Even Gucci and Michael Kors, traditionally such overpoweringly heady, richly hued and oversaturated designers, nodded their heads to pastels.


Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair and all the top flight fashion mags agree that pretty pastels are all grown up and have taken their place in the most sophisticated of wardrobes. Here’s the word according to The British Telegraph’s fashion fundis:


“…searches for 'pastel' products has increased threefold since last September, declaring pastel pink the most commonly searched shade, closely followed by pastel blue. This is in part due to the influx of pastel coats and knitwear that we've witnessed from designers, but we can also thank the flattering, easy-to-wear qualities of desaturated tones for their new omnipresence.” 


Global search engine Lyst's findings concur, revealing pastel suits as the category with the most marked increase in search traffic  - up 25% in 2018, and trousers and skirts not far behind. 

It seems ice cream hues might be the perfect antidote to hot weather after all. And now, pastels have leaped off the fashion runways and into home décor too…. just in time for our South African summer, and beyond, into 2019. House Beautiful calls them The Gelatos.

Don’t wait for the trend to hit. Get ahead of the crowd right now… with our swooningly delicious and subtly sweet wall tile sensations, hot off the delivery van from Spain. Olé, niños y niñas!

Get the power of pastel with the Chalk Range.

Think sorbet, think ice cream, think macarons. Think blueberry, palest lime, softest violet, vanilla, almond, rosewater, and a mouthwatering ripple mix. These are the flavours of summer. These are the hues of Italtile’s huge trendsetting Chalk Range.

And there’s no other tile range quite like it in South Africa.


Here’s the skinny.

The Chalk Range offers a satin matt tile with a slightly chalky, rustic feel, designed to add a subtly feminine touch: in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas or children’s rooms. It’s a full colour range with one colour-rippled ‘décor’ variant. These stunning ceramic, white-bodied, subway-style wall tiles are easy to apply to almost any wall area, with a small size of 75 x 350 mm. Tile stack or brick them for the full effect and maximum impact.


Give your home pastel power.

Choosing your favourite hue is rather like choosing your favourite ice cream flavour. Sometimes you have to have more than one. And why not? Get a whole perfect pastel palette going, with a few different shades of Chalk Range tiles… and then… add to your subtle layering with pastel paint, pastel furnishings and finishings like vases, statement bowls, and tableware.


Heck, why not make your old kitchen chairs more delicious with a lick of pretty pastel paint. You’ll start to see masses of pastel décor ideas and options in your fave décor stores. But it all starts with the Chalk Range. Exclusive to Italtile.


If you’re a bit bewildered by the Chalk Range colour spectrum, and where to start, here’s a tip: pop into your nearest Italtile store and speak to a sales adviser. Each and every one of ‘em is interior design-qualified through the renowned Chapters design college. So they know what they’re talking about. Have a chat, get some sample tiles to take home and try out. And you’re well on your way to living beautifully with pastel power.



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