Bathroom Accessories I Little things that do a lot.

Small touches make a big difference.

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a spacious home with bags of stretch-out comfort, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in terms of design when it comes to the bathroom; and this is where the accessories you choose become the key elements – the small shining stars – to shape the mood, style and look. Inviting, cozy, chic, glam, minimalist, classic… it’s the small touches that are going to make all the difference.

Bath, shower, loo/bidet: these are the big investments, followed by taps, sinks, vanities and mirrors. These choices all set the stage for our accessories and are the deciding factors when it comes to ‘type’. Towel rails, robe hooks, soap dishes, toilet roll holder, loo brush holder, lotion and liquid soap dispensers, tooth mug and holder, tissue box cover, bath and shower caddies: they may be small but just watch the impact on the overall décor when you unpack your new, carefully picked set and lay those little darlings out. Voila! Magnifique. The happy marriage between the big ticket items and the accessories.

Take a long, hard look at your current bathroom accessories. Be honest. Does everything match? (well done, you.) Or have you let it all go pear-shaped with a random collection of mismatched pieces? Perhaps you have been putting up with the ‘any-old-thing-will-do’ philosophy, dear clutterbug? Fret not, we’re not here to judge (much), we’re all for fixing and creating fabulous, no matter what your budgetary constraints. Time to neaten up and declutter. Italtile stocks an enormous range of absolutely gorgeous, on-trend bathroom accessories – from local lovelies to imported sets – that suit every style and pocket. But before we showcase them, a few considerations first.

Start with the ‘finish’:

Wood. Totally lovely for your rustic, romantic, Provençal look… but wood and water just aren’t destined for a happy life together. It’s a no from us.

Plastic/Perspex. A budget beater, for sure, but buy the very best available to you on your budget.

Chrome finish. Excellent for a limited budget, but while chrome plating is long-lasting and easy to clean, ensure you choose good quality. Flaking chrome accessories are just sad.

Stainless steel. The Rolls Royce. High grade stainless steel is a great choice for a premium look and feel and is rust resistant, so your accessories will continue to look brand new for years. If you are going to be making a permanent commitment to an in-shower caddy/organiser, it may be a good idea to choose stainless steel.

Brass and bronze. If stainless steel is the Rolls Royce, then brass and bronze are the Mazeratis! Incredibly beautiful high performance models. Right now, brushed brass and bronze are trending, FYI. A magnificent luxe look… with a matching price tag, though.

The black trend. Let’s just say we’re big fans. It’s not for everyone, though, and we’re OK about that. But if you want to make a dramatic statement, black touches in the bathroom Do So Much! Keep reading, because we feature our hottest ‘blacksessories’ a bit later on in the blog.

Towel rails. Contribute hugely to the overall order of the bathroom. Location, location, location. Position rails where they will be most practical, such as close to the shower or bath, and next to the basin area. (FYI… our exclusive range of Jeeves heated towel rails offer a luxurious dimension, enabling a clutter-free space while providing deliciously warm towels in winter.

Robe and towel hooks. Maintain order with everything in its place and a place for everything. Italtile’s exclusive ranges provide a wide variety of hooks, from a more angular, modern style to a more gently contoured classical style. (Patience, we’ll get to our feature ranges now-now.)

The glass shelf. Need extra space? Glass shelves provide a perfect solution. They are neat and compact, and enable you to store those bathroom toiletries which are most frequently used.  As with all bathroom accessories, the glass shelf is not only functional but also has decorative value, adding to the general appeal of the bathroom setting.

Tumbler holder. Tumbler holders can hold your water glass, or store the tooth mug, with your brushes and toothpaste. Get fancy schmancy and use one to hold a small vase with fresh flowers!

Toilet brush. We generally tend to push this crucial, hard-working little item out of sight. But despite the fact that this is a cleaning item, modern design enables it to be a tasteful and sophisticated component of the bathroom. 

Towel ring. This accessory provides a practical place for your hand towel. Style tip:  placing a beautiful ‘focus’ towel here will create a sense of luxury and introduce a particular colour into the bathroom.

Soap dispenser. If you are tired of cleaning up the residue left by soap - or like us, slightly nauseated by the manky slime left in the dish - then a liquid soap dispenser may be a good alternative.  This may be placed on the sink or counter surface or it can come with a holder which is attached to the wall.

Shower or bath caddy. Keep toiletries neatly in one central place, be it for the shower or for the bath. Bath caddies may even have an additional advantage of being a book holder! (We’ll add wineglass holder here, too!)

Grab rails. Boy oh boy, does water make everything slippery or what! Here is where a grab bar comes in handy, for young or old. When climbing out of the bath or shower, the grab bar provides extra stability, minimising the slip risk. Italtile has created a very special range of bathroom accessories called Italcare; these pieces answer the needs of those who need extra help in the bathroom.

Polished vs brushed. Whether you choose stainless steel or brass accessories, personal taste will swing you towards a sophisticated, brushed finish or a polished, mirror-shine finish. We think both are beautiful in their own ways.

What’s hot in the Italtile Accessories Department.

Dominus accessories. Dominus accessories are made from solid brass, to the very highest specifications. All our Dominus ranges are Italtile exclusives, so you won’t find them anywhere else. Dominus accessories reflect a timeless beauty and a luxury aesthetic. They are Proudly South African, and offer secure fixing systems and a lifetime guarantee. Whether you choose Alpha, Finesse, Heritage or Aston, you are bringing exceptional quality and style into your bathroom. We’ll save the last word on Dominus for our Matt Black Omega Range…

The Domline Matt Black Omega range, by Dominus. Blacksessories take your bathroom to the next level of monotone, with contrast, drama and hot trend. This premium matt black range really rocks, with its deliciously dark looks and velvety finish. The range is designed to play beautifully with any look, from Victorian and classic, to Scandi, modern and industrial. Soft lines and rounded tips define the range. Pieces are crafted from brass and then powder coated. Like all Dominus accessories, the Matt Black Omega range comes with a lifetime guarantee. (Note that an alternative fixing system is available, suitable for solid wood, dry wall and glass.)

Stainless steel Zack Accessories. What the best-dressed bathrooms are wearing. The Zack brand is imported from Germany, and is synonymous with the neat, efficient, ultra-sophisticated European aesthetic. Each item is designed and manufactured with precision, in 18/10 stainless steel, and beautifully finished to bring a truly special touch to your bathroom. Uber-mod Zack Atore and Zack Scala are mirror-polished stainless-steel ranges, while the Zack Linea range is also available in a satin-matt brushed finish for a ‘quieter’ silvery sheen. Zack Linea is an Italtile exclusive. Zack Scala and Zack Linea are also available with an innovative fixing option, called ZackMount. This is a special adhesive system that does not require drilling. (But it does require careful installation.)

Choosing accessories should be an enjoyable part of the décor process. So leave all uncertainty at the door and bring your joy and delight; after all, our design-certified sales advisers are standing by to walk you through the many choices and styles available. And as always, there’s also our signature blend @craftcoffeesa to lift your flagging spirits.

One last word. To give your chosen accessories the life they were designed for, ensure they are correctly installed. (Speak to one of our design-certified sales advisers about fixing options when you choose your accessory range.)

Let’s work together to add the finishing touches to your bathroom, so you can live beautifully in your perfectly appointed sanctuary.