The fresh start.



Spring always seems like a good idea until we jam all our jerseys into the back of the cupboard, put the faux fur throws into the storage bin, and stride out in the season’s first short sleeves and strappy sandals. And then get the shock of our lives as that watery sun turns our exposed bits purple and goosefleshy and we whizz back indoors, put on two puffers, dive under the downy throws again and regret our adventurous outdoorsy-ness.



We’re here to say regret nothing! Keep flying the flag of adventure – in your knitwear – and turn your thoughts instead to giving the space around you a fresh start. All that creative activity will keep you nice and toasty until it gets properly hot and delicious.


Outdoorsy people. Outsidey things.

Apart from the winter nip – and the odd downpour - this beautiful country is blessed with kind weather. (If you disagree, by all means chat to those blighted bods in Britain… they’ll put you right!) Our children run barefoot, we can pretty much guarantee a beautiful braai under the stars, we are a patio nation. So much so that there’s an interesting evolution going on outside: we are seeing outdoor areas go from the good old stoep/braai area/sandpit and swings/pool configurations to include some really beautiful, carefully considered and mindful concept spaces.


Here’s a quick curation of a couple of exciting outdoor improvement projects for you to consider. All achievable with the help of Italtile, obvs.


The Meditation Space.

Serenity now. Never more needed. And zen spaces are being conceived, away from the house, to bring hassled humans closer to the stillness they seek. A little trickle of water, a naturally-inspired surface or two for texture and a good base for your yoga mat, dappled shade from pretty greenery. Pick out some super-soothing music, get your yoga gear on and #justbreathe


The Fire Pit.

Now here’s a bright idea for being outdoorsy when it’s still a bit nippy. Blankies around knees, red wine in generous quantities, and a blazing fire. #lifegoals

Pinterest’s the place for ideas, as always, so <<click here>>

(A word of advice… consult a design-certified Italtile sales adviser about the perfect heatproof surface before you start.)


The She Shed.

He’s got his mancave. So get busy, girls, and create your very own dream sanctuaries for reading/napping/solo dancing/crochet group/wine quaffing/girl time. Get some fab inspo <<here>>


Walk your worries away and live beautifully.

Labyrinth walks are becoming mainstream activities at many deluxe retreats. Why not clear a piece of unused garden and create your own. FYI… so many absolutely magnificent outdoor tiles at Italtile to consider for your pattern of circular steps. Let Spring be the start of your journey towards the centre of yourself.


Small beginnings.

Animals moult. Trees burst into blossom. And us? We renovate. So to celebrate human nature’s seasonal restlessness, here’s a bright and colourful bunch of small but transformational ideas.



Get a new showerhead. You’d be amazed how this simple purchase can refresh your life. 


Upgrade your bathroom cabinets. Italtile’s got gorgeous new stock, from the jazzy to the classic.


Create a feature wall. Make it pop with contrasting paint. Or 3D tiles. Or glorious mosaic tiles.


Get creative with your grout. Believe it or not, grout’s got some sexy going on.

Italtile’s range includes a bit of glimmer! Get to your nearest showroom, we’ll show you the full colour offering


Splash out on a new kitchen backsplash. Give your kitchen a sleek new look by uplifting the splashback area. Nothing glams it up like mosaics.


Furniture switcheroo! One of the best budget-beating upgrade moves. Take a long hard look at the room you’re bored with. Then shift the furniture around. Instant fresh. Free, gratis and for nothing.


Create book rainbows. Here’s a little décor trick that works wonders in a quiet book corner. Take all the books off the shelf and put them into colour categories. Green spines, black spines, red spines, you get the idea. Then restack them, stand back and voila. The neatest ‘colour wheel’ you ever did see!


Cushion covers. Another cheap and peppy refreshment trick. Sitting on winter velvets? Put those away and get a set of fresh minty green botanicals. Or exotic florals. Or Provençal stripes. Or delicious macaron pastels.


Go green. Foliage, foliage, foliage. Get those indoor plants going. They literally freshen things up indoors by absorbing your toxic stress and breathing their life-affirming oxygen all over you.


Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas. Never underestimate the power of the Tinkerbell Effect (just made that up, lol). Festoon them inside and outside for charm and a sense of delicately delightful Spring bewitchery.



Are you ready to go large?

A huge revamp will start your Spring off with a bang. Breaking through the roof to build a second floor. Changing out your ENTIRE flooring concept, inside and out. Building another bathroom – test our new visualiser and design your own bathroom. Digging a pool. Extending your kitchen. Improve rather than move, right?


But it can give you sleepless nights. And unhappy days. Avoid any possibility of a lengthy stay in a padded cell right now. Here’s how. Include Italtile’s team of design-certified sale advisers and residential agents in your brainstorming - right from the get-go - and let them do the hard yards on your behalf. Find out more about what your very own personal Italtile residential agent can do for you.


There’s never been a better time to live beautifully.

So spring to it!

Ciao from the Springspiration team at Italtile.