Go big or go home? Why, when you can go big AND go home with our latest range of larger than life floor tiles. Be one of the first in South Africa to get your hands on this gentle giant.

Tile experts have long been increasing the size of tiles in order to provide a seamless, more natural looking surface. Italtile now exclusively brings you a super-sized tile to create the modern look you may be trying to capture. Certain surfaces, especially screed and marble, look more realistic with a larger surface area.

Marble is indeed more expensive the larger the piece of stone. Now, we can recreate this luxurious look with Calacutta and Venice tiles, measuring a staggering 900 x 1800 mm.

Fewer grout lines mean a calmer, larger looking area that has fewer intricacies for dirt to collect in – making for a cleaner environment.

You are able to view the tiles further on our website by clicking here

**Please note that we suggest that professionals install these tiles as they require careful transport and handling. Consider the Pro-Spin self-leveling system during installation for best results. **

Tile technical detail:

Size: 900 x 1800 mm

Finish: Marble Calacutta & Venice

Colours: White & Grey, Brown-Grey

Material: Porcelain