In the food industry, the kitchen is where it all happens, quickly and often messily. This is why a lot of thought should go into selecting the right floor tiles for a commercial kitchen. With kitchen staff and waiters moving about constantly, and food spills a given, it is important to keep the following characteristics in mind.


1. Anti slip

In any business, safety in the workplace is crucial. Unglazed or anti slip floor tiles could therefore assist restaurateurs and business owners to limit unnecessary slips in the kitchen. Our porcelain Torre Sand Anti Slip Matt floor tiles have not only been treated with anti-slip but also provide clients with an authentic screed appearance.



2. Heavy duty

A commercial kitchen endures more than its fair share of punishment and requires tiles that can take the heat. A heavy duty, Grade 5 ceramic or porcelain tile is a good choice. Our 450 x 900mm Slate White Porcelain tiles are a great example of this. Hardiness, guaranteed. As a larger format tile, this option also has less impact on the environment.



3. Low-maintenance

As with safety, sanitation is critical in any kitchen too. The right floor tile can assist greatly in maintaining a sanitary environment. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are stain-, heat- and water-resistant. Three things the kitchen is prone for. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Our porcelain Torre Cotton Matt tile’s light colour instantly magnify spills, but at the same time its speckled screed compilation delivers a more defined look.



4. Cost-effective

With any building project, budget is always a key factor to consider. Luckily, at Italtile you don’t have to compromise quality in order to cut back on price. Our locally produced 800x800mm large format Fortune Stone Porcelain tile is a good example of this. Currently on promotion for R149.00/m2 , this grey stone-like look isn’t only easy on the pocket, but also on the eyes and as a bonus, easy on the environment too.



5. Aesthetically pleasing

The days where commercial kitchens are hidden away from the public are long gone. Recent trends indicate a shift towards more open, public-facing kitchens. Floor tiles must therefore be aesthetically pleasing too. Our wood-like Scandinavian Silver Matt Porcelain tiles are a great choice, not only for the kitchen, but also to instill the calm of nature throughout the entire building.