Another international trend introduction and an exclusive range to Italtile. With all the benefits of international manufacturing, Italtile have the privilege of introducing another range that exceeds all expectations.


Tavira Range:

TRADITION & INNOVATION though Mainzu, a Spanish pioneer supplier in ceramic tiles since 1964, in constant evolution, specializing on small formats and the quality related to the standards of the sector.

Designers reach further levels of realism, details and purity on the Tavira Range. High resolution inkjet printing on this range engraves the realism of history.
This new additional now provides more variance to Italtile’ s currently large range of the Patchwork looks.

Product Features:
High definition, more realism.
Unlimited possibilities on design.
Type: Ceramic Wall Tile
Size: 150mm x 150mm
Variant designs per box
Low cleaning maintenance
Spanish Import


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