The Subway Tile is a classic, you’ll love the look and with so many various ways to lay Subway Tiles – your bathroom, kitchen or feature wall will suit environments of any style and still grab attention for authenticity.


When the Subway Tiles are laid like bricks — this is called a 1) running bond and possible the most used layout for these tiles. Simplistic and truly easy to install. You can also be a tad cheeky and do the 2) running bond with a bit of a twist, where the whole pattern is rotated 45 degrees. The diagonal orientation makes it much more dynamic. Try the 3) running bond, turned 90 degrees so the tiles run vertically. It's the same thing you've seen so many times before... and yet so different.



Arranging the Subway in a 4) herringbone pattern... an absolute favourite. For more of a geometric focus and modernized look, 5) herringbone style can be turned so that one side is parallel to the floor.


Wall tiles are progressing and are not limited to a backsplash anymore. Replacing paint and wallpaper as the favoured wall coverings which allow so much more creativity with tiles. While trends will still favour neutral colours, textures will be anything but neutral, Subways are available in matt and gloss finishes with bevelled or cushioned edging – there is no limit to choice in this trend.

Italtile has a vast range of Subway Tiles available at all Italtile Showrooms and on our webstore for easy purchasing 24/7.

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Image from: House Beautiful, Schiavinis, WS Workshop, HGTV, Smitten Studio