Having the honour of exclusively owning the selling rights to one of the latest innovations to reach our market in 2016. 




Feel of sound mind and have surety that we take your family's health and the hygiene of your home to heart, hence we at Italtile, hold this product as one of our top ranking and highly recommenced products. Your concern would be the health of you family, so let ours be killing 99% of bacteria strains on your home!! Latest on the market with 7 various colours available, this grout is not only health mindful but trending to suit your style.

Provide the ultimate form of long-lasting protection for your family. Starlike Defender is a tile grout and adhesive that provides continuous protection due to its anti-bacterial agents. This hypoallergenic formula, has been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and mould on contact - dead. Its acid-and UV-Resistant qualities mean that your tiles will be just as bold as the day they were installed.

Use this bacteria killing grouting product in any area as you would normal grout, no limitations. We are excited to host this offering not only to home owners, but commercial applications as well, hospitals, clinics, gyms and public areas.

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Sold in 2.5kg packaging

Colours available:

•         Bianco Assoluto C.470

•         Titanio C.310

•         Silver C.220

•         Grigio C.280

•         Antracite C.240

•         Travertino C.290

•         Sabbia C.250