Italtile is constantly working in collaboration with interior designers and architects to bring beautiful living to commercial and residential spaces.

This discrete Bryanston family called on the 29 years of experience of Merle Comninos and Italtile Bryanston’s Brenda Mphamu to create a vision that would put them at the centre of simple elegance.

Bathroom before revamp

Bathroom once revamp complete


Merle worked closely with the family and Brenda, and has used Italtile on numerous occasions over the past decade. The task of renovating one guest bathroom and creating two new bathroom spaces was a design collaboration that has resulted in a space of breath-taking calm. At Italtile, we see ourselves as the catalyst with which interior designers turn their vision into works of art.

We are also very excited to offer a great network of recommended interior designers to our customers. If you’re a homeowner looking for an interior design partner that has worked closely with Italtile, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with an expert in your area. And if you’re a designer that has a vision that’s unique and want to bring it to life with a team that knows their business, contact Nicole.

Nicole Russell

[email protected]

Proud member of IID: The African Institute of Interior Design Professions.