Open all your windows, puff your cushions and let a breath of fresh air come into your living space. There is no good earthly reason why interior wood design should be a splinter in your side. Introducing 3D Wood, a new innovation, brought to you in beautiful style by Italtile and our visionary partner, Global Stone.



A sophisticated first in South Africa. Looks aside, the most stunning thing about this wonder-cladding is that its installation

is so easy. The interlocking panels make doing-it-yourself a delight. You simply select your finish, line up the panels and glue or nail gun them to the wall. All the panel varieties are FSE certified, three finishes are produced from sustainable forests and two of them from reclaimed wood. These factories give support to the communities around them and are also run with ecology in mind. It’s a celebration of natural beauty.

The authentic timber comes in these elegant options: Baroque Acacia, Baroque Maple, Baroque Black Walnut, Reclaimed Mixed and Reclaimed Pine. Imagine it lining the walls above the kitchen counters, adding a whole new natural dimension to your bedroom as a feature wall or giving an extra touch of warmth to your bar area. If your office is dull, use 3D Wood to create an air of relaxed discernment.