Gryphon Introduction:

In an exciting venture the Italtile Group and Ceramic Industries have teamed up with SACMI, a global leader in equipment design and manufacturing, to get the state-of-the-art Gryphon tile factory off the ground.
The white-bodied, glazed porcelain tiles produced at Gryphon competes directly with large-format tiles imported from Italy, Spain and China.
Gryphon’s world-leading, eco-friendly technology means that world-class tiles can now be produced on our own doorstep – cutting costs without sacrificing quality.
The Gryphon factory is the first of its kind in South Africa, and features:
• Energy-efficient EKO Kiln technology from Italy, which recycles heat for other processes
• Reduced harmful emissions
• Reduced water usage
• Higher tile forming pressures and firing temperatures
• Qualitron, HD imaging to detect visible defects
• Integrated electronic process monitoring

All this attention to detail in manufacturing and quality control results in stronger and harder tiles with a hardwearing glazed finish, which are perfect for heavy-traffic public spaces like shopping centres. Gryphon tiles are of export quality, with plans to supply Ceramic Industries’ existing international customer base. If these tiles are good enough for the world, they’re certainly good enough to consider for your next project.
Gryphon Product:
DUNKELD and COLUMBIA and MIDWAY are the first Italtile exclusive ranges produced at Gryphon.
Gryphon tiles are porcelain white-body tiles with cushion-edge.
A perfect balance of colours, surfaces and reflections is achieved thanks to the latest inkjet printing technology and superior matt glaze that is silky to touch.

ITALTILE’s new Gryphon collection offers a rich, versatile assortment of surfaces for modern interiors, and provides the exceptional performance guaranteed by ceramic technology.

Exclusive to ITALTILE Columbia: Grey, Noir and White Dunkeld: Dark, Light and Mid Midway: Greige, Grey and White
Sizes: 60 x 60 Ceramic Matt glazed finish
Suited for residential and light commercial applications
Uv resistance, stain resistance, low maintenance