Betta Ambassador Bidet




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The Ambassador bidet is SABS approved and has a sophisticated Betta design. The pieces are high-pressure cast, which yield more uniform and consistent pieces. All the bidets are sump washed. This means that any of the parts, which come in contact with black water, is glazed. This makes it more hygienic. The bidet has a pre-punched bidet mixer tap hole. The bidet is floor mounted with floor fixations. The piece has reduced carbon footprint if sold in South Africa as it is manufactured in the country. This will also ensure that all queries are resolved promptly and there is a continuity of supply. The bidet is installed easily, but we do recommend that you get help from a certified plumber. Betta has a 10-year warranty on all ceramic products and offers a service to all clients for any factory-faulted items. The bidet forms part of a family, which offers a complete solution to the customer, creating a uniform and well-designed bathroom space.This bidet may also be used in the Diplomat range.
Brand Betta
Color White
Size 375x565x420mm

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