Program One Collection

Program One Collection

Where space meets time, here is the place where the most glamour stylistic excesses are created, peculiar features of crucial sectors: the new reference point of the urban style is about to achieve the bathroom and it has one only name: Program One, exclusive to Italtile.

“A designer knows he has achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away“ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Program One, itself contains passion, art, creativity, innovation and everything captivating the user in the search of the stylistic distinctiveness of his living. This collection is inspired by the geometric circle. The shape is round, universal, simple, yet when combined with good proportional balance and creativity, perfect unto itself.

Program One is a collection designed by AF New York to create a program to communicate the global language of architecture, as it relates to all world urban areas for both residential and contract projects and the budgetary requirements of project development.

The range is modular. The tap range is personalized with charisma and a living ambience.

Program One is architectural. Its stylistic key concepts are addressed in an exclusive way to the professionals of architectural and interior design.

The stylistic terseness of a mood, synthesis of industrial and civil engineering, composes a line of products characterized by dynamic faceting, able to enrich the living ambience with exclusive and charismatic performance.

Program One packaging is fully recyclable; it is composed of ecological cardboard where the products are immersed then in wood shavings, a natural jute bag and anti-scratch packaging.

The range carries a 15-year guarantee against casting and porosity defects.

The cartridges and headworks are covered by a 5-years guarantee (please note that the wear of these components depends on the quality of the water and on the characteristics of the plumbing).

The warranty does not operate in case the hydraulic system and the plumbing has not been cleaned before the installation of the taps.

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