Aquarius Athena White Thickened Acrylic Built-In Bath 1700x750x500mm

SKU: AQWH170011T

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The bath is made of a glossy smooth Perspex sheet, which is of the same material throughout the sheet.

All our baths have at least a 3mm super-wood board, re-enforcing the bottom of the bath.
The baths are then strengthened with a complex mix of resin and fibreglass, to give the customer an end product which has longevity and lasting strength. Even though the baths are an attractive price.
The larger weight of our 1700 baths is our quality assurance that the customer is getting value for money. The baths are durable and long-wearing if cared for.
The baths have a high gloss surface, which will not stain, rust or corrode. But the bath still has to be cared for in the recommended manner. Perspex is warm to the touch, this means it is a good insulator of heat. The hot water retains its heat better, which in turn lowers the electricity bills.
Perspex bath may be repaired, if it has minor scratches or cracks as the colour right through the material. This also means that the baths should not wear away or flake off. Perspex is versatile and can be formed into a variety of shapes and designs.
All our baths except for the free-standing baths can be converted into a spa bath, with chrome jets and also a heater if required.
Baths must be cleaned with a non-corrosive (it may disintegrate the bath) and non-abrasive bath cleaner. Please do not put any heavy products in the bath.

 One less thing to worry about with a 5-year manufacturer warranty as you relax in your oasis of calm.

This bath has a volume of 180 litres.

Installation guide:

-Turn off the water supply and check that all the water has drained out of the pipes
-If you're planning to move the plumbing points, get an accredited plumber to do this for you
-If you're replacing the old bath - remove the old bath installation. Prepare the area where you're going to install the new bath.
- Ensure that the area is free of sharp objects - they could damage the bottom or the side of the bath
-You'll need to decide how high you want your bath. Measure and make your mark. It's recommended that the height should be at least 450mm above floor level.
-Once you've marked the height, securely fasten the support battens against the back and sidewall. Make sure that they're level.
-Position the bath with the backside resting on the battens. Check again using the spirit level that the bath is level.
 Place 3x equally spaced bricks in a row, with ample mortar, under the reinforcing ribs of the bath. This will support the bath underneath. Check that the first row is as close as possible to the waste fitting.
-Check that the openings and the sides are now level with the ends of the battens. Install the taps and the waste pipe and fittings, if you've not already done so.
-Finish the frame - The outside of the frame is often tiled to create a cohesive bathroom design. Make sure to leave an access area if you're installing a whirlpool tub (for future repairs).
-You can finish the frame with any materials that work with your interior design.

Bath Volume180 litres